all around the mulberry bush...

I've been sitting here forever... and since I broke the ac adapter I can't really do anything online. there is a limit to what I can do on my iPod and that frustrates me. gods, I'm so hungry too.

how long has it been? I got here at 10:45ish this morning and it's just 6:30.

and omg, I hate typing on my iPod. especially when I can't rotate the screen onto it's side in this app. I hate when apps do that, why cant they just all rotate to it's side automatically? isn't that supposed to be a generic feature for everything?

frack me. I want to get Subway or BK w/McDonalds fries and go home.

gods, why do I even bother? no one cares enough about me to read this.

someone prove me wrong...?


no time

I don't have the internet all the time and I never know what to blog about.

I feel like I'm going to have to abandon this.

and the only person who might actually read my blog is Kate, on occasion, when she's bored.



signed up on a few sites today for beta testing products. I signed up for a few regular products testing and video game testing. microsoft made it really easy to sign up for game testing, less so than for their regular product testing. hopefully this will work out, 'cause I know this whole blog thing wont. no one will read my blog, nor will they click the ads, 'cause who REALLY clicks ads?

oh, and I need a camera so that I can actually take photos when I want to. 


time and time again

I haven't decided what I want to do with this blog yet. I want to talk about something that people would find interesting and actually want to read it. Nothing I have ever done has been seen... like actually seen but I've always been in the shadows. I'm that person in the back of the class room that you didn't know existed until I have to get up and present a paper.